Holden Andrew Corp

Better Business Bureau


The business failed to respond to the dispute. (1 complaint)

Billing / Collection Issues


We had a sale for $14,997.45 they paid $7600.00 with a credit card 12/16/14. The rest was a prepaid check #XXXXX for $7397.45 dated 12/29/14 received in Jan 2, 2015. The check was a bad check returned to us on 1/06/2015. I have been unable to reach the owner, Erik Melton. I did try to send an e-mail to *******@Holdenandrew.com. The woman I am dealing with does not respond to calls or e-mails most of the time. I have heard nothing in about 2 1/2 weeks from Melissa Quijada. We have asked for partial payments or in full in any form for the returned check but no payments have been made.
Order_Number: *****

Desired Settlement

We want to received payment for the returned check.



Ian Waller & Erik Melton

Ian Waller refers to himself as Ion. is a professional scammer.

His current phone number is 310-403-4337

Erik Melton the ‘Mastermind’ of scamming people, he will probably not pay you, and disappear.

His current phone number is 310-466-9717


Don’t let Ian or Erik scam more people, as they do it in a very professional way, they use the law to protect them. For your own safety keep away from them.

They will try to lure you to work with them. We have a list of previous employees that worked with them, and never got paid. You can reach out to us and we will be more then happy to provide evidence of their scam process.